Tyre Care

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Services Offered

Tyre Tech Global (TTG) is committed to the functionality and safety of products to the satisfaction of customers.This responsibility is met by constantly improving the product range, processess and employee skills.

For maximum benefit, the tyres must be maintained properly considering the following factors:

  • Inflation pressure
  • Tyre wear
  • Vehicle loading

With the skills of our working professionals, we execute excellent tyre management services and provide freedom to the clients to discuss their tyre queries. Our experts’ hands-on-experience in service of tyres has helped TTG carve a niche in the competitive market.

Some of the vital services that TTG offers are as follows:

  • Day to day tyre maintenance by our trained/ talented manpower

  • Supply of new tyres

  • Supply of consumables

    We supply various consumables like ‘O’ ring, extension neck, valve core, valve cap, Krommet and many more at no extra charge.

  • Nitrogen inflation

    For the first time in India, we have developed a local source to manufacture Membrane based Nitrogen generator with output of 40 NM3.

  • Repair at mine site-immediate & instant

    We expertise in repairing any size of tyres ranging from 13.00-24 to 40.00-57 at site with Monaflex OTR tyre repair system.

  • Periodical assessment of operating TKPH

    Our experts undertake assessment of operating TKPH (tyre heat generation) through site assessment.

  • TPMS

    For the first time in India, AIL ATT has introduced TPMS and tread probe to constantly monitor the tyre pressure and temperature.

  • Operating conditions

    We offer assistance for haul road, dump, loading area maintenance, and also report to critical/hazardous conditions.