Tyre Care

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At Tyre Tech Global (TTG), we understand that the true value of tyres emerges when its productivity is maintained across its lifetime.

In this regard, our employees’ meticulously inspect the tyres to maintain their quality for your safety and mobility.

TTG’s team provides end-to-end tyre management services making it a one-stop-shop for tyre supply and support services. At TTG, the tyre management strategy is custom designed depending on varied applications and different tyre types. Complying with the tyre management process with TTG, our customers make financial sense; reduce tyre related downtime; increase production and reduce overall running costs.

TTG’s expertise in OTR Tyre Management

Owing to the science and technology that has gone way beyond to provide customized tyre management solutions, it is advised to outsource an industry specialist in the respective domain. TTG’s know-how and applied experience have made it an acclaimed name in the market for maintaining tyres and optimizing their performance to reduce operating cost.

A one stop shop providing end-to-end OTR Tyre Management services, TTG is making your driving safer and more pleasurable.